Book Release!


I feel a little like Steve Martin in The Jerk, running up and down the street yelling, “The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!”  But I’m going to do it anyway….How to Be a Kickass Goddess: Twelve Steps to Owning Your Life is here!  Fresh off the press and now available at

Right now, only the print version is available (which I really prefer because, you see, it’s full of bright colors and worksheets and journal pages).  The Kindle version is in Amazon’s review process and should be online in the next couple of days (not full of bright colors, but the book does contain a link to download the worksheets and journal pages for your use).

So, please come on over and order a copy.  The world needs you to step up and own your life.

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  1. congrats tlc – excited to read it!! and share with the women in my life : )
    I hope you are proud of yourself! I am proud to know you…miss you; not sure if we can
    make it Sat as Drea’s baby shower is Sun and we are cooking, etc., getting ready for 55-75 peeps!

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